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Welcome to Miniature Realms
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P2E within the metaverse of
Miniature Realms

Combat, Crafting, Farming, Exploring, do as you see fit in the Miniature Realms metaverse!

Explore the P2E Metaverse
of Miniature Realms

PVP, PVE and even a social world, Miniature Realms have it all!

Human Elf Common
Elfling Kingdom

Commonly found in the Elfling Kingdom, the Half-Elf are small, yet agile. Adept at swift, ranged attacks, Half-Elfs can hunt down enemies effectively from a safe distance.

Type: Ranged
Attack: High
Magic: High
Defense: Low
Luck: Average

Brute Orc Uncommon
Land of Steel
Barbarian Orc

"All brawm no brain", a fitting description for this strong yet unintelligent creature. The Barbarian Orc specializes in close combat, wielding heavy, two-handed weapons. They are known for enduring high level of damages and inflicting heavy damages, albeit slow.

Type: Melee
Attack: Very High
Magic: Low
Defense: High
Luck: Low

Skeleton Undead Rare
Realm of the Dead

Stripped of their flesh, the undead are masters of the dead. Each of them posessing devastating magic powress, fragile yet deadly in combat. Specializes in dealing high amount of AOE damages to wipe out an entire screen of enemies.

Type: Ranged
Attack: High
Magic: Very High
Defense: Low
Luck: High

Human Angel Super-Rare
Celestial Realm

A half-angel, half-human hybrid. Born with angelic powers, the Demi-Angels excels in all sorts of combat. With their natural divine protection, they can ward off evils while taking the minimum amount of damage.

Type: Hybrid
Attack: High
Magic: High
Defense: Very High
Luck: Very High

Demon Ultra-Rare
The Underworld

Standing at the top of the hierachy in the underworld, the Archdemon possesses devastating combat powress. Posessing unrivaled combat abilities and all sort of weapon masteries.

Type: Hybrid
Attack: Very High
Magic: Very High
Defense: Very High
Luck: Average

IDO & Idea Realization
Apr 2022 - Jun 2022
- Open of $MINC IDO for early adopters
- Idealizing & Creation of Miniature Heroes
- Developing custom game engine for Miniature Realms metaverse
- Official whitepaper of Miniature Realms to be released
Funds Raising & DEX & NFTs
Q3 2022
- Funds Raising from Venture Capitals
- Listing of $MINC on PancakeSwap
- Opening of Miniature Farm to stake $MINC & provide liquidity
- Minting of Miniature Heroes begin
- Continued development and refining of Miniature Realms metaverse
Beta Launch of Miniature Realms
Q4 2022
- Full Audit of $MINC to be done before launch of game
- Official beta launch of Miniature Realms metaverse with P2E elements off-chain
- Minting of equipment chests through $MINC
- Utilities of $MINC in-game (Crafting, Farming, Unlocking Dungeons)
Future Plans
2023 onwards
- Various partnership with other AAA game studios
- CEX listings
- iOS/Android Game
- Continued development & support of Miniature Realms
The main currency of the Miniature Realms
$MINC is used in almost every aspect of the Miniature Realms.
From minting of Miniature Heroes, leaderboard rewards, farm rewards, almost everything is done using $MINC.
The team have spent the past year coming up with methods to keep up with inflation and to keep the value of $MINC coin healthy.
Welcome to the Miniature Farm, where your $MINC does the work for you!
The Miniature Farm is split into several aspects:

- Miniature Pool
Stake certain Liquidity-Provider(LP) tokens into the Miniature Pool to get passive rewards, we will support various pairings such as MINC-BNB, MINC-BUSD, with more pairings to be supported in the near future!

- Miniature Guild
Stake your Miniature Heroes into the Miniature Guild to yield a passive reward in form of $MINC daily. The better the heroes, the more rewards will be paid out. Do note that Miniature Heroes staked in the Miniature Guild CANNOT participate in the Miniature Dungeon.

- Miniature DAO
Lock your $MINC for a certain period of time to receive a fixed % yield after the locking period. You will also receive various power ups in-game corresponding to the amount of $MINC locked and the duration of the lock.

Our very own P2E metaverse, the Miniature Realm
The very core of the project, Miniature Realm. Featuring various P2E games and functionalities within the metaverse.

Miniature Dungeon
Fight your way through different stages, while being able to play fully idle. Get loots and equipments along the way which can be sold in the open marketplace. Fight bosses alone, or in a raid squad. Play however you want.

Miniature Battler
Compete to be the best, to get to the top of the leaderboard. Our PVP game, Miniature Battler will ensure fairness throughout the entire playerbase, with dedicated leaderboards for whichever level you are in, with separate rewards.

Miniature Conquest
Build your very own kingdom in the realm of Miniature, claim your lands, tax your kingdom and be the conquerer of the Miniature Realm!

$MINC Presale Perks
Spesial Perks
Support Miniature Realms early & get rewarded! (Rewards will be distributed/announced at the end of $MINC presale)
Realms Adventurer
> 100,000
$MINC owned
1 Free MINI Chest Airdropped
Enter into BNB Giveaway Raffles
Realms Knight
> 500,000
$MINC owned
All of Realms Adventurer Perks
2 Additional Free MINI Chest Airdropped
Whitelist for Armor/Weapon Chest sale (2nd Series NFT)
Realms Dominator
> 1,000,000
$MINC owned
All of Realms Adventurer/Knight Perks
3 Additional Free MINI Chest Airdropped
Early Access to Pre-Alpha Testing of Miniature Realms metaverse
Private Group Chat w/ the Devs
Requently Asked Questions
You should know this
We wont let you get lost in the Miniature Realms.
What are Miniature Heroes NFT?
Miniature Heroes are our beloved NFTs and the citizens of the Miniature Realms. They're interactive, unique, and highly collectible due to their wide range of functions. Each NFT grants you access to various activities, including Staking, Passive Games and Duels.
How can I mint Miniature Heroes NFT?
This project does not require Minting, NFTs are already pre-minted and they are waiting for you inside the MINI chests. MINI chests can be purchased with $MINC tokens.

How many Miniature Heroes NFT will there be?
There are going to be a total of 10000 Miniature Heroes NFT.
Rarity of Miniature Heroes NFT?
In Miniature Realms, rarity of NFT are classified into classes. 40/30/20/8/2% of NFT will be Half-Elf, Barbarian-Orc, Undead, Demi-Angel, Archdemon respectively.
How can we buy a MINI chest?
You will be able to purchase MINI chest with the $MINC token on 18 July
Why should i buy $MINC now?
The $MINC tokens to be received per BNB buy will be lessen significantly when certain milestones are achieved. This is to reward early investors by making $MINC more valuable and Miniature Heroes NFT more expensive.
What is the price of a MINI chest?
It will cost 1,000 MINC tokens to buy a MINI chest containing a Miniature Heroes NFT for the first series.
How will I be eligible for referral rewards?
Ensure that you hold at least 1 %MINC token in the wallet address that is being referred in the link generated.
What's the importance of the $MINC token and for what will it be used?
The $MINC token is your gateway to the Miniverse. You can use $MINC to purchase MINI chests and draw your very own unique Miniature Heroes beginning your journey into Miniverse games and activites! $MINC will also be used to upgrade your NFT.

You can also stake your $MINC in the Energy Realms to earn yield!

$MINC will also be distributed as reward tokens according to the leaderboard position weekly!
Anymore questions?
Feel free to contact any of the staff members in the Telegram Channel!
Buy $MINC today!
Currently in ROUND 1 of Pre-Sale.
Price is set at 10,000 $MINC per BNB.
Minimum Purchase of 100 $MINC (0.01BNB) per transaction.
Refer your friends & families and get rewarded 20% of BNB as a bonus.

Contract Address: 0x5E9f65Ab99afba2ADcE68825C33aC257189A58AC
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